Portable software for security and encryption data on flash drive, memory card, etc. CZ/EN localization.
This software is a Graphical User Interface for portable VeraCrypt , which makes it easy to use.
It creates an encrypted storage on a portable media, a flash drive, an SD card or a portable disk. It allows you to work with this storage as a virtual disk without having to install the software on your PC.


Minimal system requirements:

100MB free space on device
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
.NET Framework 4 or later, Download link


Install instructions:

Unzip file directly to the target device, destination location or folder.
Run Crypt.exe.


Instructions for use:

I. Create a repository
Enter the password, select the size, and create the storage. The storage time required depends on its size, storage speed and pc. It can be up to tens of minutes, several hours, for small sizes it’s tens of seconds.
Once created, the storage automatically connects and opens.

II. Close storage
The store closes automatically when you exit the program.
Before that, you must close all edited files. If any content is open it will not be closed.
Only after closing and disconnecting the storage it is possible to safely disconnect and remove the media, flash drive, storage. Failure to comply with this policy will cause data loss.

III. Open storage
Enter the password, press the button to automatically connect and open the storage.

IV. Remove storage
The Delete Store button will delete the existing storage completely.